Garmin Basecamp

About Garmin Basecamp

Garmin Basecamp is a GIS software that provides its users with 3D maps on their Garmin sat nav devices. This application is perfect to make your outdoor outing notable. You can plan your trips and organize your maps, waypoints, and other data using basecamp application and then transfer it to your device to get improved navigation experience. This software is packed with innovative and finest features. Some of the exceptions ones are:

  • Maps can be accessed in 2D and 3D formats for better visibility.
  • Birdview Satellite Imagery for high-resolution images. You can also transfer them, integrate them with maps and Garmin Update.
  • Create geotagged photos and share them with your friends and family.
  • Perfect for on-road trips by car or hiking, biking, off-road trips, and others. 
  • You can draw your own tracks, create viewpoints, create your driving directions, etc.

System Requirements to be Fulfilled for Garmin Basecamp


  • The computing device you use must be IBM compatible. Also, it must run on WIN Vista x64 and later to it.
  • The latest “.Net” version is required to be installed on your system. However, the basic version is “Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6”.
  • For 3-D terrain viewing, you need to have a video card that must be supported with OpenGL version 1.3 or later. The latest video card driver is also needed for the software.
  • 1-2 GB must be free on the system for the download of the application.


  • Mac devices must be Intel-based and should run on operating system version OS 10.13 or higher.
  • 1024 MB of RAM is the minimum that a user must-have. However, 2048 MB is the recommended RAM for the smooth functionality of the application.

Thorough Procedure for Basecamp Setup

Thorough Procedure for Basecamp Setup

Garmin Basecamp is a no-cost application that works only on Windows and Mac operating systems. If you wish to use this software on your smart device, then you can’t. It is not supported by mobile phones. The following are the essential steps that you must follow for downloading and installing the software on your computer system. Since the process varies with the operating system, hence, we have provided a thorough procedure for both.

Download the Garmin Basecamp: 

  1. Launch a web browser that is updated and secure to use.
  2. Then, locate the address field and enter the relevant URL into it. To navigate to the Garmin Basecamp webpage, you have to use the URL “”.
  3. The window that will now show up will consist of information about the application. Review it to learn more about the basecamp. 
  4. As you move down the window, you will find two distinct download tabs. These tabs are for Windows and Mac OS. Choose the tab in accordance with the OS you are using. 
  5. Now, a new window will come into view. Click the “Download” tab from it. 
  6. The basecamp application will start downloading immediately after you click the link. The download process is a matter of a few minutes.
  7. Wait, without closing the web browser or the system. When completed, the file will itself get saved to its default location. 


Install the Application on Windows:

  1. To get the process started, you have to click the setup file of Garmin basecamp twice. 
  2. Now, you might get the popup box asking for your approval to run the application. Permit it by clicking “Yes”.
  3. The installation wizard will now come into view.
  4. From the welcome window, click “Next” and then go through the license agreement. 
  5. After reviewing the terms and conditions, accept the agreement by tick marking the stated checkbox and press “Next”.
  6. The installation will now commence. After waiting for a minute, the completion message will be shown to you. To come out of the wizard, click the “Exit” tab. 


Garmin Basecamp Installation on Mac: 

  1. Double-click the setup file that you have downloaded on your Mac device. 
  2. It will now extract the files and provide you the “.pkg” file. Click it to get the installation wizard.
  3. Now, click “Continue” from the primary screen. 
  4. The License Agreement will appear. Read it and accept by selecting “Agree”. The popup box acceptance will appear after clicking “Continue”.
  5. After that, review the details about the software and make the selection of the preferred location to save the file. 
  6. As you click “Install” from the wizard, you will be asked to enter your administrative credentials. After entering, confirm them. 
  7. The application will now start installing. Wait and conclude the process.