Garmin GPS Update

Garmin GPS Update

Use Garmin Express Application to Update Your Garmin GPS devices

Garmin Express application lets you install all the available free and paid updates. Here are the detailed and illustrative procedures that will help you to perform Garmin GPS Update easily.

Free Map Updates

Free Map Updates

Step 1. Download and Install Garmin Express

To use Garmin Express for installing the latest maps, it is compulsory to set up the application first. To do so, navigate to and you will see download links that are absolutely secured for both Windows and Mac. Click on one of the tabs i.e  Download For Windows or Download For Mac. Follow on from that, you have to run the setup file. The License Agreement window will be presented on your screen, read it attentively, and then click Install. Now, move forward to continue with the Garmin GPS Update. 

Step 2. Connect Your GPS Device with PC

For Garmin GPS Update, acquire a USB cable and attach its one end to your PC that has the Garmin Express application. Another end of the USB cable needs to be attached to the GPS device. Then, launch the application and click the “Add Device” icon. When you will get to see your GPS Device name on the program’s main interface, click “Add Device”. 

Step 3. Register Your GPS Device and Install the Available Updates

The registration window will come into view. Provide your Garmin registered email address and click Next. If you do not have an account, provide a general email id that is accessible and reachable. Following this, give a nickname to your GPS device and read all the Privacy Policy and License Agreements. On the Update Available window, tap “Install All” tab and then the Update processing will begin.

Paid Map Updates

Paid Map Updates
  1. For Garmin GPS Update, Add your device to Garmin Express. When the “Garmin Map Update Available” window pop-up, locate and click on the “See Pricing” tab. 
  2. The “Price and Payment Options” window will come into view. Select your country or region in which you reside and then click “Continue”. 
  3. To proceed forward for the Garmin GPS Update, you have to sign in to your account. For that purpose, click on the  “Sign In” tab and then provide your authenticated email address and password that are registered with Garmin.
  4. Once again, click Garmin Sign In. This will open up the “Map Updates Options” window on your screen. From the list displayed, select the Map Updates that you wish to purchase after checking their price. 
  5. You will now be asked to enter your billing address and payment details for making the purchase. So, provide the required information without any mistake. Once the map purchase is done, you can proceed for map installation. 
  6. From your Garmin Express application, click on the “Tools & Content” tab to view your purchased maps. In the next window, select the “Purchased” tab. All the maps that you have recently bought will be shown to you. 
  7. Beside your map update, you will see a Download icon. Select it and wait patiently for the installation to finish. This concludes the Garmin GPS Update process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to update Garmin GPS Wearables?

Ans 1. Once you have installed the available updates from the Garmin Express application for your GPS wearable, you have to perform some settings on your wearables also to complete the Update process. To do so, firstly disconnect your GPS device from the PC. Following this, you have to press and hold the “UP’ button till the Settings screen displayed on your device. Then, press the “Start” button. Use the down-arrow button to scroll down the list and then select the “System” option. Moving on from that, select the “Software Update” option. Then,“Install Now” screen appears, press the “Start” button and the installation will begin. Wait for a few moments till the installation gets completed. When done, your device will automatically restart. 

Q2. How to update the GPS devices via wifi? 

Ans2. Some GPS devices can be updated directly from Wifi. To perform Garmin GPS Update through wifi, turn on your device and tap “Settings”. Select the Wireless Networks option from the Settings window and activate the Wifi checkbox. Select your particular Wifi network, and provide its passphrase. Then, return back to the Settings and tap on the “Updates” option. To get all the Software and Map Updates, tap “Install All”. This will open up the License Agreement window, tap Start. The installation of all the updates will start and you have to wait for the approximated time mentioned on your GPS device screen.