Garmin Map Update

Garmin Map Update

Today, the road infrastructure is developing on a massive scale. Many new roads are building, few are closing down, new roads connectivity is establishing, and much more is happening on a daily basis. This leads to the rise in the number of new routes. It becomes important for every driver to stay aware of all the routes so as to make its journey pleasant and hassle-free. Keeping this in mind, Garmin provides its users with regular map updates. These Garmin Update help in getting the latest street maps and help the users to build new points of interest. Since it is important to download and install the Garmin Map Update on your sat nav device, we have provided thorough instructions for the same.

How to perform Garmin Update on Navigation Device?

The following are the instructions that will help you with the map update process. Carefully examine the process and follow each step as stated below.

How to perform Garmin Map Update on Navigation Device

Step1: Get Garmin Express Application via “”

For keeping your device up-to-date with the latest software and maps, download the Garmin Express Application via “”. After the download, you have to install it on your system simply with the help of on-screen guidance. 

Step2: Build a Connection between Garmin Device and Computer System

Take a USB cable that comes with the product. Examine it carefully and ensure that it is not damaged or should not have any cuts on it. Then, attach it to both the devices and establish a successful connection. 

Step3: Add your Garmin Device to Application

Garmin Express asks the users to add their navigation device to the application. This is needed for you to enjoy easy accessibility to your sat nav device. Click “Add Device” and after a minute, you will get your device name on the screen. Select the product and add it.

Step4: Register your Garmin Product with Ease

To perform the product registration, enter the email address and click “Next”. 

Step5: Provide Nickname to your Garmin GPS device

A window for providing a shorter name to your device will come into view. Provide a name that you can easily remember for your device.

Step6: Install the Garmin Map Update

In the very next window, you will get the available map updates. Before you install all the available updates, click “View Details”. A list will now come up consisting of several updates that you can install. Choose the map updates from it. After selection, click the “Install” tab located beside the map updates.  

Step7: Review the License Agreement

Before the update starts installing, Garmin asks you to show your consent to the terms and conditions. You must read them carefully and then, agree to them.

Step8: Wait for the Garmin Map Update completion

As a result, the map updation process will get started. Review the map update process with the help of the progress bar positioned on the screen. On the completion of update installation, restart your device to conclude the process successfully.


Q1. How much do the Garmin map update costs?

Ans. Garmin offers its users both free and paid map updates. Most of the maps and software updates by Garmin are available at no cost. However, you can also purchase premium updates for better features from Garmin Express application. To make the purchase, choose the update, add it to your cart and make the required payment for it. 

Q2. Do I need to update my Garmin Express application? If yes, then how?

Ans. Yes. Garmin Express application is designed for updating Garmin navigation devices. However, it too required to get updated for better interface and working of the application. For installing the update, you have to:

  • Launch the Garmin Express application on your system.
  • Tap on the “Gear” icon to get the Garmin Express Settings options. 
  • Then, choose the “About” option. 
  • Followed to this, click the “Check for Updates” link.
  • After searching for a minute, the “Install” link will prompt. Click it to update the application. 

Q3. Can I update my Garmin wearable using the Garmin Express Application?

Ans. Yes. Garmin Express application is designed to update both the sat nav devices and wearables. The procedure for both devices is similar, as stated above. However, in case of wearables, after you are done with the Garmin map update installation on the application interface, you have to move to your wearable device and perform the update from there too. All you need to do is to get the Settings menu and choose “Software Update” and start the process.