Garmin Update

Garmin Update

There are two ways to update your Garmin devices i.e via Wifi or using Garmin Express application. This manual provides you complete guidelines on how to execute the “Garmin Update” process by applying both the methods.

Update Garmin Devices Directly Through Wifi

Some of the Garmin devices can be easily updated directly with the help of the Wifi. It simply means you are no longer needed to link your device with the Garmin express application for the purpose of installing the maps and software updates. Here is the explained procedure by pursuing which you can update your device with ease. 

  1. In the early phase, bring up your Garmin device near to your router in order to get strong signals from your Wifi. Then, turn on your Garmin device and tap the “Settings” icon. It will display the “All Settings” window, tap on the Wireless Networks option. 
  2. Beneath the section of Wifi, you have to enable the Wifi technology option by marking the checkbox placed there.
  3.  Following this, tap on the “Search for Networks” option, and from the extended list of nearby Wifi, select your personal network. If your Wifi is security-enabled, input your passphrase also. 
  4. Now, tap on the back-arrow key to go back to the Settings window. Then, select the Updates option and your Garmin device will begin looking for the available updates. 
  5. Both the Map and Software Updates if available will be shown to you. Software update is important to install in order to keep your garmin GPS device up-to-date and to run smoothly. 
  6. So, tap on the “Install All” tab and then take a quick look at the “End User License Agreement”. If you concur with all the statements of the agreement, tap “Accept All” for moving forward with the “Garmin GPS Update” process. 
  7. On the screen of “Important Installation Notes”, you should tap Start. This will start installing the updates. It is to be remembered that you should not unplug your GPS device from the power outlet until all the Garmin updates get done.

Perform the Maps and Software Updates via Garmin Express

Perform the Maps and Software Updates via Garmin Express
  1. For executing the Garmin Update process, the first move is to download the Garmin Express application. To do so, access a protected and reliable web browser to launch the website. 
  2. The homepage will get displayed, put your cursor either on“Download for Windows” or “Download for Mac” in accordance with your operating system. Select the tab to initiate downloading.
  3. Run the file, go through with the installation agreements, and click Install. When done, step forward to the next stage for Garmin Update. 
  4. Now, switch on your device, and link your device to PC. For linking, connect the big end of the USB cable to your PC’s port and another end to GPS device port. 
  5. Launch your Garmin application and tap “Add Device” which is symbolized by a “Plus” icon. If a stable connection is formed among your PC and device, the program will display your GPS device name. Click Add Device. Following this, register your device by submitting your email address and then click Next. 
  6. A new window will emerge on your screen asking you to add a Nickname for your GPS device. Now, Garmin will ask for your permission to use and share your device data, click Yes. 
  7. Thereafter, you will view an Updates Available window with approximated time in which all the new maps will install. In case, you are interested in installing specific updates, click “View Details” and make a selection for the updates that you wish to install. 
  8. Hence, click on either “Install or “Install All’ tab accordingly. You will get to see the dialog box of Terms and Conditions. Click “Accept” if you fully abide by the agreement. 
  9. A new window will come up on your screen with some of the necessary notes that you need to consider throughout the “Garmin Update” process. Click Next to proceeds further. 
  10. In this manner, software updates will install first. When software updates get done, your Garmin device will automatically go on restart mode. 
  11. Within a few moments, your Garmin connect will reconnect with Garmin Express software. Once the connection is formed, the installation of the Map Updates will begin.
  12.  It may take some time to complete the process depending on the number of Garmin Updates you have selected. When the “Update complete” window comes into view, click Finish.